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The Perfect Pest Control Service

How does your pest control company

provide recurring services?

If you are like so many people that still have pest control companies that come inside to apply chemicals around all baseboards and thresholds every single month, whether you needed or not, is just absolutely absurd in our opinion. Our job as certified pest control operators are to not only control and keep bugs out of your home, but also in a manner that poses the least of amount of harm to people and the environment. Pesticides are applied inside your home where you eat, breathe, and sleep every 30, 60, or 90 days. The average residual of an insecticide indoors is usually about 30 to 60 days. Therefore, monthly pest control, the old fashion way, would provide excessive buildup of pesticides, which could be a health hazard.


{Hazard= Toxicity x Exposure}


Another reason we should apply the least amount of pesticides necessary is because repeated applications of pesticides leads to pest resistance. Pest resistance is a real issue today and we expect to continue to see it in the future. Pest resistance means after a certain pest has been exposed to too much of one particular (mode of action) pesticide. And in return the pest can become resistant to the deadly affect that the pesticides have on the pest as well as its offspring. When recurring action is required to control pest, finding other alternatives as far as pesticides with a different mode of action, will help in reducing past resistance.


So how do we prevent exposure and control the pest in the best, most responsible way? I thought you would never ask.


When little or no activity is found inside your home or business, an outside perimeter pest control application has proven to be more effective and safer than your traditional inside sprays. We have astonishingly found (enter sarcasm here) by moving the pest application 6 inches from your inside foundation wall to the outside foundation wall, will provide better long-term results. Think about it. Bugs come from the outside. Why would we apply pesticides inside your home every single month or every other month just for the bugs to have to come inside to die. Once the perimeter applications have been applied, and if you see any activity inside, the correct plan would be designed and implemented based off the results that were found with the least amount of exposure to humans and the environment.


So why should someone consider changing their pest control company or pest control approach?


Perimeter Applications vs. Inside Traditional Application


  1. It’s Safer.
  2. It’s more effective
  3. It’s more convenient


Any other questions? This is the best way to perform pest control services. Remember, if there is pest activity inside, we always design and implement a plan to control those unwanted pests!


Okeena provides excellent pest control with our perimeter applications. Our customized approach consists of applying pesticides off the foundation 4’ and up your foundation 3’. We service your eaves, windows, doorways, and leave you a couple of monitoring stations for inside your home. If you are ready for a pest control service that is safer for you and your family and like always, keep you pest FREE, we would love the opportunity to talk to you. Consultations are free!


Call today 731-285-4982



Scott Riley


Okeena Termite and Pest Control, LLC.

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