Pest Control

Pest Control Treatments

Pest Control Treatments
Bed Bugs
These pests are probably the most hated of them all. They jump from fabric to fabric without making a sound and are almost invisible while they do it. Before you know it, they’ll be in your home causing physical and emotional damage. Okeena Pest Control has invested the time and energy it takes to create a cutting-edge bed bug treatment that eliminates them and won’t allow them to return. Our company is a preferred vendor for bed bug treatments!


These warm-season pests bring a variety of terrifying illnesses when they show up. Whether it’s West Nile Virus, Dengue or Yellow Fever, or Malaria, you’re going to want to take care of your mosquito issue right away. And the harm doesn’t stop there, some mosquitoes can give your dog’s and other pets heartworm. Ensuring that you’ve got the right plan to tackle these pests is what will keep you and loved ones safe. Luckily, Okeena Pest Control has developed the perfect protection program: S.W.A.T.

  • S – Shelters. Treating mosquito shelters with an organic compound to make it less desirable.
  • W – Water. Ensuring permanent water structures are treated with microbial larvicide to disrupt reproduction.
  • A – Adult. Eliminate adult mosquitoes with ULV.
  • T – Trained. The technicians we employ are always trained and safe.

Fleas and Ticks

These pests are something that we tackle with our sister company, 4-Evergreen Lawn Care. Okeena Pest Control will take on the job of interior control while 4-Evergreen Lawn Care will tackle the exterior. With double the power, you and your loved ones will be protected from diseases such as Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountian Spotted Fever, and Tick Paralysis. We’ll use a combination of a contact kill and an Insect Growth Regulator as a preventative measure.

Brown Recluse Spiders
Named perfectly for its stealthy ways, this spider is hard to spot but when you see it, you’ll want it gone immediately. Okeena Pest Control has developed a strategic plan for detecting and wiping out their nesting areas. This process is longer than some of our others, but well worth it when the spiders come crawling.

Flying Insect Control
From Wasps to Carpenter Bees, flying insects can cause quite a bit of damage. Our technicians have the proper protective equipment and training to ensure this type of infestation is removed quickly and fully.

Our Pest Control Packages

Bi-Monthly (Most Popular) 

This is our most frequented program because we’ve experienced that the most effective way to treat pests lasts about 60 days. We’ll treat the exterior of your home as a preventative measure – including targeting access points for pests. With our bi-monthly plan, we will also set up a 24-7 monitoring system to ensure the effectiveness of our treatment. Another reason why it has become our most wanted service is due to its cost-effective nature!


This program allows us to treat your home or business four times a year (one time each season). Okeena Pest Control will provide a preventative exterior barrier to protect your home. If those pests are persistent and invade indoors, please give us a call so we can schedule a time to treat the interior of your home.


If you’ve got a fear of pests overall, this is the plan for you! Our monthly program creates an entirely pest-free indoor environment. We’ve developed this program to be centered around the interior of your home for treatments. This plan is for those customers that want to see us every month and don’t want to see bugs ever! We provide an inside pest control service monthly. Monitoring pest activity, looking for ways that pests can get in and excluding them, and perform an exterior service quarterly to prevent them from coming in from the outside.

Premium Clients

Premium Clients

Clients who are considered premium customers receive priority scheduling. We often find that scheduling these clients on the same day each month is best for them. Want to become a premium client? Let us know!

Our Pest Control Programs

Everyone deserves a pest-free home, even when they are on a budget! Okeena Pest Control has developed a variety of programs and packages that allow each client to choose what is right for them. Give us a call today to discuss our different treatment packages!

Service Locations

Jackson, Tennessee

Are you experiencing termite control issues in the area in or around Jackson, TN? Okeena Pest Control has been serving the area for many years and is happy to show you around.

Dyersburg, Tennessee

Our clients in Dyersburg, TN are exceptionally satisfied with our pest control services because we know the area like the back of our hands!