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Additional Services

Don't see what you need? Check out our bonus services! Whether it's us or our sister company, we're sure we can serve everyone.

Wasp Protection

Why allow you and your family to be subjected to wasps when Okeena Pest Control has the perfect wasp protection program for you?

Cellulose Insulation

You could be losing money by the minute and not even know it. Poor insulation can lead to high heating and cooling bills, while also allowing pests easy access to your home. Check out our cellulose insulation program to prevent or correct these issues!

Air Duct Cleaning

Is your indoor air quality not quite up to par? If you're struggling with an illness that continuously flairs up or recurring allergies, your air ducts could be the issue.

Pest Control

Got bugs? Pest control is our specialty. Whether it's the common mosquito or you've spotted a Brown Recluse Spider, were here to take care of the job quickly!

Termite Control

Are you experiencing a moisture problem that could lead to termites? Maybe your issue has already progressed to a termite infestation. Find out which treatment options are right for you!

Service Locations

Jackson, Tennessee

Are you experiencing termite control issues in the area in or around Jackson, TN? Okeena Pest Control has been serving the area for many years and is happy to show you around.

Dyersburg, Tennessee

Our clients in Dyersburg, TN are exceptionally satisfied with our pest control services because we know the area like the back of our hands!