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Okeena Pest Control is in most areas surrounding West Tennessee, and the Southeast Missouri area, and we have been since 1962. That leaves us with over 40+ years of experience in the pest control industry. One of the cities we serve often is the city of Jackson, TN. Some of our most loyal customers reside here and we’re proud to say we provide exceptional service for them.

We Provide for Our Clients!

Some of the pest-related services in Jackson, TN, and beyond include termite control and the issues that lead up to it or come from it. Those services include:

Moisture Control

A moisture problem is something that can develop into a termite problem and a whole host of other issues. So when our clients find that they have moisture from leaky plumbing or humidity, we are around to take care of it before it turns into a termite infestation. We recommend our clients keep a close eye on their crawlspaces in case any moisture gathers there – they can catch it early and give us a call to take care of it!

Termite Infestations

If moisture damage has progressed too far, you may have already developed termites by the time you come to us for help. Don’t worry, we can still help! Whether you are a client with a home that has a crawlspace or you have a home that is built on a slab, Okeena Pest Control has a plan for you! We’ve developed three strategic programs for homes with crawlspaces and two plans for homes built on slabs. Our team knows everyone needs pest control, even when they are on a budget. We have a plan for everyone! Click here to dig more into our termite control plans available, click below.

Our Service Area

Our Service Area

Our clients in Jackson, TN are exceptionally satisfied with our termite control services because we know the area like the back of our hands! We proudly serve the homeowners, and business owners, in the following cities and their surrounding areas:

  • Alamo
  • Atoka
  • Bells
  • Brighton
  • Caruthersville
  • Covington
  • Dyer
  • Dyersburg
  • Halls
  • Hornbeak
  • Humboldt
  • Jackson
  • Trenton
  • Kennett
  • Kenton
  • Martin
  • Medina
  • Milan
  • Munford
  • Newbern
  • Ridgely
  • Ripley
  • Tiptonville
  • Troy
  • Union City

We also provide each and every one of our services to the Southeast Missouri area.

Our Services

Air Duct Cleaning

Is your indoor air quality not quite up to par? If you're struggling with an illness that continuously flairs up or recurring allergies, your air ducts could be the issue.

Cellulose Insulation

You could be losing money by the minute and not even know it. Poor insulation can lead to high heating and cooling bills, while also allowing pests easy access to your home. Check out our cellulose insulation program to prevent or correct these issues!

Termite Control

Are you experiencing a moisture problem that could lead to termites? Maybe your issue has already progressed to a termite infestation. Find out which treatment options are right for you!

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