DIY Pest Tips

You play a vital role in keeping your home pest-free and healthy. Here is a list of a few simple things that you can do to help keep bugs away from your home and family.


  • Keep shrubs and bushes cut back from the foundation wall
  • Make sure leaves don’t build up anywhere near the home
  • Keep your grass cut
  • Remove anything that holds water, i.e; old tires, old buckets, etc.
  • Fill any gaps and cracks that lead into the house or crawl space
  • You can use wire mesh, expandable foam, screening, etc.
  • Repair/replace leaky spigots
  • Repair/replace weatherstripping around doors
  • Caulk around windows
  • Move woodpiles away from the home
  • Clean up any debris


  • Repair/replace leaky faucets or plumbing leaks
  • Fill any gaps and cracks
  • Use expandable foam or wire mesh around plumbing penetrations
  • Remove dirty dishes from the sink
  • Make sure garbage can is clean – this is a favorite spot for House Flies!
  • Remove clutter – especially boxes, newspaper, paper bags
  • Use Tupperware containers when possible

At Okeena Pest Control, we know that keeping your home pest-free takes great effort and solid relationship with our customers. These simple steps will dramatically impact your chances of pest infestations and they’re great items to put on that honey-do list!