DIY Pest-Free Home Tips

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While we want you to rely on us as much as you’d like, there are a few preventative measures that each of our clients can take. When you help yourself first, your home is much more likely to stay pest-free. While Okeena Termite & Pest Control is happy to take care of your pest problems, it would be great if our clients never had them to begin with!

Some things you can do to the exterior of your home to prevent pests from making their way in:

  • Keep shrubs and bushes pruned and trimmed, keeping them away from the foundation wall
  • Watch for leaf build-up, ensure none have accumulated near the home
  • Keep a regular mowing schedule for your turf
  • Remove anything that creates standing water (old tires, old buckets, etc.)
  • Fill any gaps or cracks that lead into the house or crawl space (the materials best used for this include wire mesh, expandable foam, screening, etc.)
  • Ensure leaky spigots are repaired or replaced
  • Be sure to repair or replace weatherstripping around doors
  • Check windows for in-tact caulk, fill and re-caulk if necessary
  • Remove any woodpiles away from the exterior of the home (i.e., firewood)
  • Clear debris from the home’s perimeter and yard

Some things you can do to the interior of your home to prevent pests from making their way in:

  • Check for leaks: in plumbing specifically, and repair or replace anything that creates moisture
  • Conceal every gap or crack in your flooring, windows, and walls (i.e., with caulk)
  • Use expandable foam or wire mesh around plumbing penetrations
  • Remove dirty dishes from the sink to steer away from food particles being left out
  • Make sure the garbage can is clean – this will prevent house flies from being attracted to it
  • Remove clutter – especially boxes, newspapers, paper bags
  • Use Tupperware containers when possible to conceal all food properly, especially if it is being left out.

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At Okeena Termite & Pest Control, we know that it’s tough to keep up with things around the house to ensure pests stay away. If you find that you’ve missed a few steps or have all your basis covered and still see pests showing up, give us a call. We’re happy to have one of our technicians out there to assess your property and develop a customized plan for your needs!

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