We Care About What “Bugs” You!

“When I first called Okeena fleas had basically taken over two of my three bedrooms. I could not even walk into each room without getting bit by a flea.
The Customer Service Representative who answered the phone at Okeena was very nice and extremely helpful. He listened to my problems, informed me of my options, and advised me on what he thought was my best course of action.
The next day, a certified technician arrived at my home, on time, and presented himself in a very professional manner. The technician explained why he was there, what he was going to do, and what results I should expect. I felt very comfortable having a representative of Okeena in my home.
A few days after the service, the salesman who had helped me initially called me back to see how the service had worked and if I needed any further assistance. My family and I were more than pleased with the work that was done by Okeena, but more than that we enjoyed doing business with a company that treated our house like it was one of their own and did not forget about us after they got our money.”
Sharon M, Dyersburg,Tennessee