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Still Seeing Wasp…. This Was OUR Horror Story!

wasp faceIt was just another day at our 4-EverGreen and Okeena office, (or at least I thought it was) when my cell phone rang. As I answered the phone, I knew quickly something was different.

At the time one of our employees, Brad, who had been with me for a couple of years, sounded extremely groggy and hard to understand? However, I could made out quickly that he had been stung by a wasp and was extremely allergic… with no EpiPen!

I immediately remember the sinking feeling in my gut. We quickly phoned his wife, went by their house, got his “expired” EpiPen and off we went! As we arrived he was basically unconscious. On the way frantically to the hospital it seemed as if we were losing him more and more as we drove.

We knew he needed the injection but was told the expired EpiPen would not work. At this point, we had no choice but to inject the expired EpiPen into his thigh. As we jabbed the needle in his leg, he screamed in pain. Then there was silence. Soon after that point, Brad began to slowly come to. Then a few minutes later, he was fine. What a relief.red wasp nest

So here is the moral of the story. PROTECT you and your family from wasps! (and carry an EpiPen with you if you are allergic at all times!)Each year, hundreds of people die from wasp stings alone. Over 12% of all people are moderately to severely allergic to these painful pest.

Signs and symptoms of having an allergic reaction to wasp is swelling of the throat that can eventually cut off you entire air supply and could lead to death. So ever since that memorable day, Okeena and 4-Evergreen have a passionate vendetta against this dangerous pest.

Okeena Termite and Pest Control is licensed to kill and can help keep your loved one’s safe! Our treatment is a two-pronged approach. We have one product for a fast knockdown of current activity and another product for a 60-90 residual control. Both together, it is DYNOMITE!

For more information about our wasp treatment program,

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Scott Riley

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