Ant Control

Though ants are tiny creatures, they can cause huge problems. It is important not to treat ant infestation without first learning which type of ants you are dealing with. Some types of ants will not respond to traditional ant killers. Fire-ants are a particularly hardy species. They are particularly hard to exterminate because the queen may lay up to 3,500 eggs in a single day. In addition, unlike other ant species, they may have multiple queens in each colony. These colonies can grow into incredible sizes and become nearly impossible to remove if not properly handled.

Though ants may seem like only a small problem, it is important that they are dealt with properly. Though regular ants are fairly harmless, fire-ants can be dangerous pests. Fire-ants have stingers that can cause severe irritation and other symptoms. A major issue with the fire-ant is that children may not realize the danger, thinking that they are the common black ant. It is important to get fir-ant infestations dealt with quickly to protect children and pets. At Okeena Termite & Pest Control we treat a variety of ant infestations. Call us today for a free estimate on our ant and fire-ant control services.