Wasp Protection

Our Protection Lasts

Our Protection Lasts

Okeena Pest Control doesn’t cut corners on anything, especially when it comes to safety. When our clients choose us for wasp protection applications, they can rest assured that it is effective. Our treatment protects your home for up to 90 days with just one application. To ensure your family is protected, be aware of when you see that first wasp, and we’ll be there to take care of it. 

Why Choose Wasp Prevention?

Wasps can be extremely harmful to humans, which mainly include side effects such as swelling, irritation, nausea, dizziness, and even difficulty breathing when there is an allergy. And when one wasp stings, it’s usually because they are scared. This leads their little hive to sense a disturbance and send more wasps not far behind.

But when it comes down to it, even without the side effects, wasp stings seriously hurt. Why allow you and your family to be subjected to that pain when Okeena Pest Control has the perfect wasp protection program for you?

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Tips and Tricks for Wasp Protection

Removing What Attracts Wasps Remove unwanted food, keep trash cans concealed, and consider moving where you store your pet food. Wasps can be attracted to anything we eat or like to smell. A good rule of thumb is if we are attracted to it, assume wasps are too. This would include sweet things that are found in nature, like nectar.

Plant Wasp Repellants For those who aren’t turned off by the lack of sweet things laying around, consider using spearmint, eucalyptus, thyme, and citronella as natural repellants to keep your home wasp-free.

Steer Clear of Potential Wasp Homes Wasps will create a nest in various places, so cutting them out is a good way to stay safe. Check around your home for spaces that need some repair, such as siding or panels that have been broken, or any little crevices that can be filled with caulk. This also includes rodent holes like burrows around your yard, filling those will make wasps less interested in creating a home for themselves.

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