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Fungus Treatment

Fungus Treatment

Fungi can be harmless out in nature, sometimes even good for trees and greenery. However, fungi isn’t something you want in your home. Unfortunately, homes and other indoor spaces are perfect breeding grounds for fungi to grow. The worst part is it’s in the most undesirable places like restrooms and kitchens. Fungi is known to develop under conditions where wood and moisture come together.

Another wildly common area for growth is crawl spaces, which are under homes. This quickly and quietly compromised the health of your home or business and everyone who resides there.

Fungus Types

Most people tend to think of fungus as only a weird, greenish-brown color but there are actually several types. Some of which being white patches that you may begin to notice on wood surfaces. It shows up most where wood has the opportunity to become wet often. Another type of fungus caused by moisture from humidity is a brown fungus. Whichever fungi have developed in your home, it’s detrimental to the health of the wood and even to the people who frequent the building.

Think You May Have a Fungi Problem?

You can trust Okeena Pest Control to remove and halt the growth of fungus in your crawlspace. We apply long-lasting, all-natural products directly to the fungus to ensure it’s gone and won’t be back. Don’t put off taking care of this issue and risk serious health concerns in the future. We’re here for you today!

Moisture Control

Moisture Control

Like fungi, moisture can have horribly negative effects on wood and can easily go undetected for years. And sadly, there is no one specific factor that is behind this issue, there are a number of things that can set it off, such as:

  • Undetected plumbing leaks
  • Gutter issues – including poor placement and missing downspout elbows
  • Landscape grading
  • Inadequate ventilation – including dead spots where there is no ventilation
  • Insufficient, or the absence of, a moisture barrier
  • Poor drainage

If you’ve discovered you may be experiencing a moisture problem, give Okeena Pest Control a call and we’ll come out to assess the property, determine the problem, and eliminate it permanently without ever letting it take a toll on your structure or health.

Floor Supports

Unsound floor support can be a serious structural issue in homes with crawl spaces. One reason your floors could be sagging is due to an existing block or brick columns that are spaced too far apart. This creates the issue that the floor joists are overloaded and will in turn cause sagging between columns. When this happens, the floor above it sags as well.

Additionally, floors can sag due to moisture. If you detect moisture build-up on your wood flooring, take care of that issue immediately. But if it does reach a point where the floor joists are no longer supporting the floor above, you can call us for help!

Okeena Pest Control has developed a floor support repair program to halt the issue and stop it from progressing. Our program allows us to provide you with the “like new” feel to your home for substantially less cost. We’ll do a detailed inspection and create a plan specifically for you and your situation. Then we’ll install our heavy-duty joist support system and position them strategically to correct the issue.

Don't See What You're Looking For? Check Out Our Sister Company

Don't See What You're Looking For? Check Out Our Sister Company

While Okeena Pest Control offers a wide variety of services, we don’t tackle things like extensive lawn care, tree and shrub care, or bed weed control. If these services would suit you, check out our sister company, 4-EverGreen Lawn Care. Our team has created two companies that allow for every one of your overall lawn and pest needs to be met!

We offer a whole list of other lawn services there that might better serve you! Check out the 4-EverGreen website here. We have three locations in Tennessee: Ridgely, Spanish Fort, and Jackson.

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