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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs have reemerged as a threat to our homes and lifestyles. Everywhere you turn these days we’re hearing more and more about peoples home infested with Bed Bugs.

Great hitchhikers, Bed Bugs can easily jump in your luggage from the hotel you stayed at last weekend and today they’ve set up house in your home. Causing not only physical problems, but emotional and mental problems for us.

We’ve invested the time, energy and resources in arming ourselves with the most comprehensive and cutting edge approaches to eliminate Bed Bugs and help prevent them from coming back.

We are a preferred vendor for many of the local multi-bed facilities in West Tennessee, so you can rest assured that we can take care of your home or business.

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The Zika Virus is no joke! And it’s just one of a multitude of diseases that Mosquitoes can transfer. West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, and Malaria for humans and the cause of Heart Worms for mans best friend, the dog. As a matter of fact, Mosquitoes are one of North America’s most dangerous pests. So, a strategy to reduce the chances of getting bit by a Mosquito is pretty important.

Okeena to the rescue! We’ve developed the most cutting edge program to help keep our customers safe and enabling them to enjoy summer outdoors. Introducing the
Okeena S.W.A.T. Program:

S – treat Mosquito Shelters with a unique, organic compound to keep Mosquitoes from setting up house around your house.

W – treat permanent Water structures with a microbial larvicide to disrupt the reproduction cycle.

A – treat Adult Mosquitoes with a ULV application.

T– well, trained Technicians are the key to successful Mosquito control. Knowledge is power and our Technicians know what to look for and how to take care of your Mosquito problem to keep your family safe.

The S.W.A.T. Program is a very comprehensive strategy to get rid of Mosquitoes and keep them from coming back. We use a combination of Adulticides and Larvicides to attack the active adults and break the reproduction cycle. Our trained technicians will seek out water and shelter sources that you may not have identified and help set you up with a season-long plan to keep your family safe.

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Brown Recluse Spiders

West Tennessee is notorious for Brown Recluse Spiders. Ask your friends, they have either had them, have them now, or know someone that does. These bad boys are far too common for us and someone has to do something about them!

The Brown Recluse is aptly named; they are extremely reclusive. They would win hide and seek every time, and that’s the reason they are so difficult to get rid of and that’s where we come in.

We have a very strategic plan for identifying their nesting areas and wiping them out. This process takes a little bit of time, but it’s very effective because we don’t play the guessing game. We hunt them out and kill them where they live and breed.

No Brown Recluse problem is too big for us, and we’re committed to helping you get rid of them once and for all.

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Black Widow Spiders

Black Widow spiders are generally considered beneficial pests since they eat so many insects. However, the female Black Widow spiders can attack when provoked, which is not good for humans! The Black Widow spider carries the highest toxicity amongst biting spiders in the United States. Their venom is comprised of neurotoxins that affect the nervous system of humans.

If you have seen the distinctive, red hour glass shape on abdomen of a black spider, don’t mess with it because it’s probably a Black Widow. Call us and we’ll take care of you!

Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks transfer disease to pets and people. Studies show that just 20 adult fleas on man’s best friend can produce over 2000 eggs in one week!

Ticks can transmit Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Tick Paralysis to humans and are difficult to detect when they attach to us.

We can control these menaces inside your home and our sister company, 4-Evergreen Lawn Care and attack them on the outside of the home to give you that 1-2 punch that you can’t get anywhere else.

Okeena uses a combination of a contact kill to control the adults and an Insect Growth Regulator to prevent the eggs from hatching. A large percentage our customers that have kids and/or pets think this service is extremely valuable.

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Flying Insect Control

Flying insects are extremely difficult to control. Everything from treating Wasps to Carpenter Bees requires the proper training and know-how to be able to get rid of those buggers.

We use the latest technology and materials and will provide some steps that you can take to help prevent Flying Insects from setting up house at your home!

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Floor Supports

Sagging floors can be a serious problem in crawl space homes. Not only are they creaky and noisy, they’re potential long-term problems that can cause major structural damage.

There are generally two reasons why your floor is sagging:

1. Existing block or brick columns are spaced too far apart.

When a crawl space is built, block or brick (sometimes even wood) columns are located throughout the crawl space to support the weight of the structure above. If those columns are spaced too far apart, the floor joists can become overloaded and sag between the columns. When the floor joist sags, so does the floor above it.

2. Weakened floor joists due to moisture and wood rot.

Because crawl spaces are often unsealed from the earth, excess moisture and humidity is a problem. And what happens to wood when it has been exposed to moisture and humidity? It begins to rot and become weak. The weakened floor joists are unable to continue supporting the weight above, and the floor above the crawl space becomes spongy, soft, and begins to sag.

In either case, something must be done to prevent further damage. If left in disrepair, saggy floors can run into some big time money to fix. Some estimates on HomeAdvisor exceed $10,000 depending on the total square footage of the damaged area.

There is good news! For substantially less than expensive repairs or replacement, we can arrest the problem and keep it from getting worse. In most cases, we can support sagging floors and bring back that “like new” feel to your home.

After a detailed inspection, we’ll generate a plan to address your specific situation and can install our long-lasting, heavy-duty floor joist support system. This system will be positioned strategically under your home to provide the support you need.

Don’t let sagging floors turn into something that costs you thousands and thousands of dollars to repair or replace. Let us take a proactive approach, stop the damage and give you back your floors for a fraction of the cost.

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Fungus Treatment

Fungus may seem harmless in nature as it breaks down dead trees, but you don’t want it on your house.

Our homes serve as excellent breeding grounds for fungi, especially near bathrooms and kitchens. Fungus develops under the right conditions, when wood and moisture come together.

The most common area for fungal growth is in our crawl spaces. Fungus can be growing under your house, compromising your home and health, and you may not even know it, unless you have it inspected.

There are several different kinds of fungus. You may notice white patches on wood, which is a type of fungus created when wood is consistently wet. Another type of fungus is brown fungus and it thrives in humid environments. Whatever the fungi, none of it is good and is generally a precursor to more wood-destroying organisms.

Just as important as the wood damage fungi causes are the health issues it can cause. Fungal spores can creep into the rest of the house, causing health issues ranging from allergic reactions to more serious risks such as cancer, neurological disorders or immunosuppression, which will suppress your immune system from being able to fight off infections.

So in a nutshell, if fungus is found in the crawl space, it needs to be removed or arrested immediately.

That’s where we come in. 

After careful evaluation, we will create a plan to arrest or remove the fungus from your crawlspace. We’ll apply a long-lasting, all-natural, product directly to the fungus, killing it and preventing it from growing back.

Although this process will arrest the fungal growth, we may recommend some other necessary actions to prevent excess moisture from building up in your crawl space.

If fungus is discovered in your crawl space, you really can’t put off taking care of it.

It’s not going to get better on it’s own.

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Moisture Control

Moisture in your crawl space is a problem. It is the silent killer of wood, the very material that our homes are built with, and can easily go undetected for years. Moisture problems don’t always just happen because we had a plumbing leak. They may have arisen from any host of different factors.

Excess moisture is the catalyst to a host of damaging issues that include Termites, wood-decaying fungi, poria incrassata, wood-destroying beetles, Carpenter Ants, structural damage, and major health issues like asthma.

The most important thing to note is that moisture problems never just go away by themselves.

Some of the causes of moisture problems include:

    • Undetected plumbing leaks
    • Gutter issues – including poor placement and missing downspout elbows
    • Landscape grading
    • Inadequate ventilation – including dead spots where there is no ventilation
    • Insufficient, or the absence of a, moisture barrier
    • Poor drainage

Any one, or any combination, of these factors can cause serious problems for us homeowners.

There is good news!

After a carefully detailed inspection, we can determine the factors that are causing your moisture problems and recommend a strategy to rectify the situation permanently.

We will address the problem, not just treat the wound. Some fixes are simple, some may be complicated. But in either case, a permanent solution must be implemented before the problems become a detriment, to your home or your health.

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