Is your lawn lacking color?

This is the time when warm season grasses should really be thriving and greening up. We are seeing some lawns taking longer than ever to return to form and it has us scratching our heads. Could it be last years severe drought playing as part? Maybe. Or maybe a disease that has attacked all forms of turf grass? The truth be known we are not sure why we are experiencing these issues but are working diligently to find a solution to the wide spread problem. We have been on different properties all over West Tennessee seeing similar issues with lawns coming out of winter dormancy. Some lawns may only have small areas not coming back where as others maybe the entire lawn. We have talked to other professionals in our industry that are experiencing the exact same issue and are working together to gather information and address the problem.

From what we can tell, it seems as if we may have a disease that started in the fall as the lawns were going dormant. It is similar to Spring Dead Spot but with more irregular shapes and sizes. There is research being done trying to figure out the cause of a possible disease and why it may have occurred. However, we are not ruling out the severity of the drought in the summer of 2010 contributing to the slow green up as well. The drought thinned turf to a great degree and even killed some turf that was heavily stressed. Regardless, your lawn should still bounce back into shape, but may take a little longer than normal. If it is a disease, we will put together a plan of action with the proper fungicides to help to control it. We are currently applying a balanced slow release fertilizer that should help with the lawn’s color and thickness. We will continue to look into these issues and will keep you posted as additional information comes in to us.