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Home Decisions That Are Financially Responsible

Let’s face it. We are certainly in the information age. More information is available today from these amazing things we all have called “smart phones”. And it has made everyone a genius, right?Well, maybe not. But how can we use this information age to educate us on ways we can reduce recurring cost and save our hard-earned money?


Air Sealing

Over the last several years much information about energy efficiency in homes has been made available.  The greatest way to decrease your heating and cooling bills is through Air Sealing or Attic insulation.

People don’t like change.  For many years we kept our home phones lines connected. We all overspent on these land lines until we finally realized it was a tremendous waste of money. Same is true, and even more so, with air sealing and your attic insulation. Sealing cracks and crevices and adding cellulose insulation when needed is critical and can pay huge dividends starting TODAY. The cost you will pay to have your home air sealed or properly insulated, pales in comparison to what you will save over just a few years.

Closing small cracks, crevices, and gaps that leak into your house may not seem like a big deal but can save you an estimated 10% on your utility bills when properly air sealed.  A tube of clear caulk, expandable foam, and steel wool will go a long way in air sealing your home and thus, preventing pest entry and saving you money through the loss of energy.

before insulation

The largest impact you can possibly make to lessen your home’s expenses is to check your attic’s insulation. The lack of Attic Insulation for most homes is the primary reason for significant energy loss. When properly insulated, an average home can save 20 to 40 percent (or more) on its heating and cooling cost. It is so important to use your attic insulation, not for storage, but to provide a continuous barrier of insulation over your conditioned (only areas that are heated and cooled) space to maximize your homes energy efficiency.  80% of homes we enter are drastically under insulated. Even homes built in the last several years don’t have the proper amount of insulation.

Is there is a concern that you would be able to afford it? If that is indeed the case, then you sure can’t afford NOT to have it installed. There are financing options available for the cost to install attic insulation. Through financing, you could offset the cost of installation by the savings you earn with less utility cost to heat and cool your home.

Below are the two most common forms of attic insulation and the required (minimum) depth each one needs to be:

OK_B&ARecommended Inches in Depth to reach a R-38:
Fiberglass Insulation (Pink Panther Stuff)….12″
Cellulose Insulation (Recycled Grayish Material)…..11.5″
Keep in mind that fiberglass is highly combustible, has carcinogens, great harborage for pests and rodents, and does not maintain its R-value as well as cellulose.

Cellulose, on the other hand, is a fire retardant, Eco-friendly, reduces sound, has a “built in” pesticide in it, and maintains its R-value far better than fiberglass.
So it’s that simple. Go in your attic and measure how many inches of insulation you have and what type it is. Also, calculate attic’s square footage [length (in feet) multiplied by the width (in feet)].

With the proper measurements we can accurately price and finance (Financing Available at 0%) what it would take to save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars by adding the proper amount of insulation!

So the question is, how much are your utilities costing you now? If Air Sealing and Attic Insulation can save  you roughly 30%, how much would you save? Look it up. Find receipts of your utility bills and do the math. It will blow your mind.

Air Sealing and Attic Insulation not only make a ton of sense, but also more importantly, makes hundreds or even thousands of dollars for you!

If you would like more information on Air Sealing or our Attic Insulation, please call our office at 731-285-4982, or go to our website Okeena.com and request a “Quick Quote”.

Hope everyone has a great week and stay warm!
Scott Riley



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