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Hey Mickey Mouse…..

Sorry Mickey Mouse, you’re not welcome here!

No one wants mice in their house. They’re creepy and nasty. But do you know the whole story? We hope this will help shed some light on just how nasty these little guys are.

The House Mouse, or Mickey for this blog, is a member of the Commensal Rodent family. Commensal literally means ‘eating at the same table.’ Well, that right there is enough for me to want to keep them out of my house!

Basically, the House Mouse eats the same food as humans, and would gladly join you at the table this Thanksgiving (not something we would be thankful for.) They prefer grains, so our bread, flour, dog food, cat food, anything like that they can get their hands … or paws, on is ideal. The problem is that they contaminate everything they come in contact with. So, throw your food out if you see it’s been gnawed on.

Mickey also prefers to live inside, as opposed to the Rat, which lives in burrows outside. They can make their nest using any loose fill object like hair, clothes, insulation and live their entire lives in a 10 square foot area – about the size of your closet.

These little critters are very sensitive to temperature changes and can feel warmth coming out from your house through the smallest cracks and crevices. They can gain entrance into your home through a dime-sized hole. They don’t have a rib cage, so whatever they can get their little noses into, they’re in! Think about that for a second … how many dime-sized holes do you have around your house? Yeah, a lot!

Another thing that makes ol’ Mickey an unwanted guest is that they have babies like rabbits, or mice. A breeding pair of these little boogers can produce 200 offspring in just a few months. Not long afterwards those babies are having their own babies. This is a huge problem! If left to their own devices you can quickly become overrun with mice and getting rid of them becomes increasingly difficult over time.

Ok, so I’ve convinced you that you Mickey is really not welcome at your house. What do you do to help keep them away? Good question. Here’s a couple of quick tips that will deter them from moving in with you and your family:

Sanitation is key:

  •  make sure you don’t have any stuff around the outside of the house that will attract Mickey like old boxes, woodpiles, stuff you should have throw out a long time ago
  • make sure to keep the grass low and weeds and bushes away from the foundation
  • don’t feed the dogs or cats outside – you’re feeding Mickey too and you don’t even know it

By the way, dog food contains Vitamin K which is the antidote for Rodenticide (mouse bait) so if Mickey is eating Rover’s food AND your using mouse bait you’re defeating the purpose.


  • install or repair door sweeps at the bottom of your exterior doors and garage door
  • caulk small cracks and crevices that Mickey can get into – remember a dime-sized hole
  • put copper mesh or Brillo around pipes that penetrate the foundation wall
  • if you have a crawl space, make sure the vents have a screen and the crawl door is closed tightly


  • clean up any clutter in the garage and closets
  • put copper mesh or Brillo around the pipes under your sinks

These few easy steps can help keep Mickey away, or at least keep him from “setting up house” in your house. But, If you need help, please don’t hesitate to call us – don’t wait long because it can quickly get out of hand!

We’re here for you.


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