General Pest Control

Our professional pest control services will keep your home protected inside and out. We offer services to eradicate infestations of termites, rodents, and an outstanding ant control service. It is important to utilize proper pest control methods because pests are not only a nuisance, they can be very dangerous. Some of the dangers include burning stings and bites from the fire ants, infection of one of the numerous diseases carried by mice, and literal destruction of your home from termite damage. Though the dangers may not be lethal, it is always better to play it safe. With your free estimate we can help you understand the possible dangers involved in your individual situation. If you suspect that something is wrong, do not hesitate to call.

It is important that if you see any suspicious congregation of insects, feces, or wood shavings that you contact a pest control company immediately. Infestations, often, do not leave obvious traces, but these are some clues that may indicate a possible infestation. Many infestations go overlooked which increases the resolution time. If you suspect that there may be an infestation, please call Okeena Pest Control at (731) 285-4982 for your free estimate and consultation. The sooner you call, the sooner we can remove the pests from your home and yard. In addition to our traditional pest control, we also offer perimeter pest control services. We will not only remove the pests from your home, we will also prevent them from returning. For more information on our general pest control services, please call us today and we will answer any questions you have.