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Termites Swarmers Are Easy To Identify….Let Us Show You


Notice Difference Between Winged Ant and Winged Termite

This is the time of the year when Okeena gets many incoming calls about what usually turns out to be Termite Swarmers. termite swarmers

Termite Swarmers are called Alates and generally swarm in Spring and occasionally in Fall. Termite Swarmers looks like ants but with wings. The caption to the right shows the difference between flying termites and ants. Termite Swarmers usually swarm or fly in high numbers and can usually be found close to windows, often times dead.  They can be found swarming outside the home or inside. That is usually when we get the call.  Termites swarm several weeks or months in advance to ants. The reason termites swarm is because they’re leaving a mature colony to go start a new one. So, if you see swarmers, you have termites. And if you ever get termites, they don’t just go away or die. They multiply.

Quite simply, termites will tear your house down. It’s what we’ve inherited in our neck of the woods. Termites are common in our area. In fact, unfortunately, very common. It has been said in Tennessee that there are between 12 to 15 million termites…..PER ACRE!WOW:0

It’s really not if your home will get termites, but only a matter of when.

Nearly everyone we talk to tries to come up with why they should not have to spend money on termite protection. Why do we think we should be exempt from the responsibility of getting our homes protected? Maybe because the home has been treated for termites before? To put that theory to rest, termiticides you use in termite protection, like all products, will eventually break down, leaving you unprotected. ter3

So, what are termites looking for? Well termites need food, water, and shelter to survive. The food for them is in the form of your home. Termites eat the cellulose inside the wood and basically begins to break down it’s structural integrity. The water and shelter comes from the moisture from the soil, not only for consumption, but also used to build mud tubes for shelter and thus protection. Termite must have dark shelter since termites will quickly dry up and die when exposed to light.

Well, what can we do?

The very first step is to remove all conducive conditions for termites such as excess moisture and any wood debris under or against any part of its foundation. (See previous paragraph for reason why)

The second step is to treat the home not only for years of future protection but also for active termites as well.

And lastly, monitor your home at least annually, to make sure there is no evidence of termites or excess moisture under or around your home.

The cost of treating your home for termites is substantially less than the cost of repairs. Don’t overlook where we live and decide to gamble against the 12-15 million termites we have PER ACRE in Tennessee. People spend more money on the newest iPhone than they do on protecting their largest investment they have, which is their home. It’s time to wake up.

If you think you may have termites, termite swarmers, or just questions in general about termite protection, call us today for a free consultation and inspection.


Have a great week!

Scott Riley




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