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Do You Ever Wonder How Pests Survive Winter Conditions?

“Thank goodness Summer is over. Now I don’t have to worry about bugs and pests infesting my house.”

Well, you’re right about one thing … Summer is definitely over. However, the bug and pest thing, not so much. Just because we don’t see bugs flying around, ants trailing all over our kitchens, crickets jumping up and down, fleas biting at our legs, spiders creeping and crawling everywhere – it doesn’t mean that bugs and pests can still infest your home. In fact, Winter can be just as difficult for us as Summer in the battle against pest infestations.

Let’s take for example the Cockroach. Specifically, the German Cockroach – Blattella germanica. The most prolific, and potentially harmful, unwanted guest in our homes. These nasty little critters can produce offspring faster than rabbits! The female German only needs to mate one time to produce as much as 400 young in her roughly 200 day lifespan. These young reach adulthood, and reproductive age, between 50-100 days. Just for easy math, that’s like a bazillion roaches running around your kitchen in just a few months. They’ve been known to cause Asthma related issues, and quite frankly they’re just gross.

Watch this video on German Cockroaches:

“So, what does this have to do with Winter, I thought the bugs would be dead by now?”

You’d think so. However, we keep our homes at a constant temperature year round. We give the Cockroach everything they need to survive and thrive, regardless of the temperature outside.

Here’s another one we must be concerned with: The House Mouse – Mus musculus.

During the Summer months, mice live outside in burrows. As the temperature drops, they start looking for warmer climates. Since they can’t fly South for the winter, they find the closest, easily accessible place to get warm and toasty. Which, again, is our constant climate controlled home. A mouse can crawl through a 1/4” hole, and there are plenty of those around our houses, and relocate to a nice closet, the garage, attic, or wherever is most convenient for them.

A single female House Mouse can have up to 8 litters per year with an average of 6 pups per litter – roughly 50 tiny, little, fuzzy, disgusting, food-contaminating, unwanted rodents per year. That can get out of hand in no time flat. In the Winter. In our homes. Not good!

Don’t let this happen to you:

Lastly, but certainly not the end of entire list of pest we deal with in the Winter, are Termites. Reticulitermes or Subterranean Termites, are active 24/7/365. They never stop foraging for food (which happens to be the wood in our homes) and stay warm because they live underground.

Here’s a quick video of these house killers in October 2016:

You know the horror stories … Termites cause more damage to homes every year than Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Floods and all natural disasters, COMBINED! Certainly not something to ignore. And certainly not something the colder weather will kill off.

Sorry to give you the heebie jeebie’s just before the holidays, but we owe you the truth. Protection from bugs and pests is a year-round war. Please don’t try to fight this battle by yourself. Give us a call at (731) 285-4982 or hit us up online at okeena.com


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