What you MUST do to help protect your family from the Zika Virus

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What You Need To Know About The Red Wasp

For those of us in the South, The Red Wasp (Polistes carolina,) is a pest we wished never existed. They have been known to inflict some pretty powerful stings that will send a grown man into a weeping… Read More

Is My House Going To Fall Down?

Is my house going to fall down? “Is my house going to fall down?” That’s a pretty common question from homeowners who find out they have a termite infestation. The answer … probably not. But there are some… Read More

Hey Mickey Mouse…..

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  When I started my first company (4-Evergreen, LLC.) back in 2001, mulching customers’ landscaped areas was a common service that we regularly performed. We thought it was great. Not only did it add a nice, fresh color… Read More

So what is a termite letter?

Great question. Most homeowners have no idea what’s required of them when they’re selling a home. We hope this information makes at least this part of selling your home clear. Mortgage companies require proof that your home doesn’t… Read More

Carpenter Bees

My Granddad goes half crazy over these bees every summer! He has tried many “techniques” to try to get rid of these annoying wood-eating bees. One of which was to make his grandkids, my sister and I, sit… Read More


One of the most common ants in West Tennessee is the Odorous House Ant, or Tapinoma sessile in Latin. What a name! Why couldn’t it be The Mighty Volunteer Ant, or something cool like that. The Odorous House… Read More

Things That Go Bump in the Night 

House Mouse The house mouse is considered to be one of the most troublesome pest for homeowners in the U.S. House mice can thrive in almost any condition in and around your home. Consuming food meant for humans… Read More


You’ve seen the news on bed bugs. You feel confident you are knowledgeable on the pest and have little to no concern on how you and your home could be affected. They are hard to get rid of,… Read More