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Carpenter Bees

My Granddad goes half crazy over these bees every summer! He has tried many “techniques” to try to get rid of these annoying wood-eating bees. One of which was to make his grandkids, my sister and I, sit on the back porch with tennis rackets and “knock ’em down”. Although we swatted a few, there were still many carpenter bees that showed up while we were “off duty”.

Carpenter Bees are a nuisance to many. They usually eat through unfinished wooden decks, leave a mess of wood shavings and in my Granddad’s case, cause craziness! Why do these bees choose to destroy our decks, patios, and houses? The female carpenter bees actually drill holes in wood to lay their eggs. They make tunnels in the wood to provide an environment for their young. The tunnel openings that the female makes may only look to be about an inch or two deep, but they can actually be up to ten feet long!!

Although Carpenter Bees are not dangerous to our health, they can cause a lot of damage to houses, decks, patios, and much more. The best philosophy in their control is to take a more preventative approach.

  • Varnish or paint wood surfaces to make them less attractive to carpenter bees
  • Seal or caulk as many cracks and openings as possible which allows for easy boring.
  • Seal cracks and hole before their nesting activity begins.

Once the carpenter bee has made these unwanted holes in you decks, patios, and more, apply a contact insecticide for a fast knock down. Secondly, and most commonly the best control method, apply an insecticide dust in the openings or tunnels the carpenter bees have bored. Insecticide dusts have an extremely long residual as compared to liquid sprays (2-3 months). As a matter of fact, some insecticide dusts can last up to 12 months! Lastly, fill the holes in wood AFTER carpenter bees have finished finding a safe place for their young, which is usually in the fall. Do not fill the holes too early, as often times the carpenter bee will just bore the other direction through the wood to escape. I hope this information is helpful. At Okeena, we have a targeted approach to keep these pests from damaging your property. If you need further assistance with carpenter bees or any other pest you may be dealing with, please feel free to call our office for a FREE consultation. 731-736-4201 or 731-264-0088.

Brooke Jennings

4-EverGreen/Okeena Secretary

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