Tick Season Is Here – Here Is How You Can Protect Yourself!

 Sadly, ticks are a harsh reality of the warm weather. They bring all sorts of gross side effects and diseases with them too, so you will definitely want to watch out and make sure you are aware of how you can attract them.

7 Ways to Prevent Pests from Invading Your Tennessee Home This Spring

Spring has arrived in Tennessee! But warmer temperatures also mean more pests. Okeen Pest Control has you covered. Here are seven tips for preventing pests from ruining your outdoor fun and gaining access to your home this spring and summer. And when the time is right, you can contact us for all your perimeter pest control needs.

Signs You Have A Termite Infestation

Is that weird sound or dirt on the floor a coincidence or something worse? Learn the most common signs of a termite infestation before they damage the structural integrity of your home.

Why Air Duct Cleaning Is Important

Everyone knows the importance of vacuuming, but how often do you clean your air ducts? Neglecting these vital airways can cause or exacerbate allergies, expose you to chemicals or mold, and create many serious consequences for your health. Discover why you should clean air ducts and how to tell if yours need a treatment.