About Us

Okeena Pest Control has been privately owned and operated in a family style pest control business in West Tennessee since 1962! We take pride in our experience and the quality of work we provide.

We have studied the pest control industry endlessly to assure that our customers have made the right commitment when deciding to choose us as their pest control company. Our door is always open for customer questions and concerns, and we promise a prompt knowledgeable response.

Our promise to our customers:

To offer the best Pest Control Service and a guarantee to meet or exceed all of your expectations. We are dedicated to making our customers happy and developing a lifelong relationship.

• Our pest control program consists of timely applications that are made throughout the year for the best treatment of protection against any unwanted pest.
• To achieve optimum results, communication with our customer’s is essential in providing the highest quality of service.
• On each scheduled visit, we will also include a thorough inspection to help keep you aware of any new or unexpected issues.

Our staff is certified by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. All of our employees complete a rigorous training program with TDA and also with our company’s education and safety program. We want to ensure to our customers that our staff exceeds their expectations by being a well-trained and knowledgeable company. We guarantee our work and implement safety first in everything we do. So if there are ever any questions or concerns about our services please feel free to notify us. We stand behind our work 100%!!!