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Do You Have Termites? Click Here To Find Out Yourself

Below are 4 ways to know that termites are eating away at the structural integrity of your home.
Protecting your investment is always the smart thing to do. Considering that there is an average of 13-15 million termites per acre of land, it’s usually only a matter of time before your home is susceptible to a termites attack if left unprotected.
Termites cost property owners over roughly $5 billion annually in the United States. The average termite repair cost is $3300. Termites cause more damage than fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes……Combined!
Here are four ways to identify termite activity.
1. Termite Swarmers/discarded wings: This time of the year when daytime temperatures are reaching in the 70’s, flying termite Swarmers leave mature colonies to split up to form new ones. A mature termite colony generally has between 60,000 termites and up to 1 million termites per colony. If you see Swarmers, a mature colony is close by and the termites are attempting to split up to further incease their presence by creating another one.
2. Mud tubes: Along side of Swarmers, mud tubes are also a common sign that termites are near. Mud tubes are “pencil sized” mud shelters that termites make by combining soil, wood, and termite saliva. Mud tubes are usually found around the base of the foundation of a structure but could be anywhere termites are.
3. Frass: Frass is the droppings from termites that are dusty and gray to wood –colored. It is found throughout infested wood.
4. Damage: Termites usually cause damage from the inside out. When exposed to sunlight, termites will dry up and die very quickly. Therefore, they generally stay out of the light in dark, moist areas where they can’t be seen. Tapping on the wood can indicate termite damage if it appears to have a hollow sound.
Even though these are 4 great ways to detect termites and their damage, termite professionals are more concerned about what you can’t see when looking for termites as opposed to what you can. When activity is detected, property owners are unexpectedly forced to protect their investment by assessing the damages and treating the structure with the right termiticide. Like we mentioned earlier, the average termite repair cost is $3300 and if your luck is anything like ours, we’d be lucky to get out that cheap.
Termites workers never stop feeding themselves as well as wood other colony members. They are at work 24/7.
But, here is the good news………A good set of eyes and knowledge can go a long way in finding out if indeed you do have termites. But if you are unsure, we would recommend call a licensed professional to do a thorough inspection and lay out the plans/options to protect your investment. Regardless if activity is found, protection is far less expensive than termite repairs in the long run.
If you would like more information about termites or termite protection from Okeena, call our office for a free consultation and inspection. Or you can go to our website and fill out a quick quote request.

Scott Riley

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