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3 Common Household Ants

Ants replaced cockroaches as the most common nuisance pest some years ago. While the Pest Control industry focused its attention on controlling cockroaches, for obvious health reasons, ants took a back seat to technological advances which gave rise to the current state of ant control in the United States. Basically, Ants have taken over!

Most homeowners have no idea what kind of ants they’re looking at around their homes, we get it – we’re dorky and want to identify every bug we see … been doing it since we were kids lol. So we thought we would put together a quick ID guide to help the less nerdy homeowners … probably like you.

We decided to zero in on the 3 most common ants that you would see around your home and tell you a little about their behavior and maybe even help identify them so you can feel cool like us when you do.

Let’s first talk about the easiest to identify, the Carpenter Ant. You’ve seen these your whole life. Some of them are red, some are black and some are red and black or some variation on any of these colors. But you can’t mistake them because of their size.

Carpenter Ant

These are about the biggest ants we’ll see around our homes and they’ll mostly be found outside foraging. They range in size from about 1/64” to 1/2” – which is really pretty big in the ant world!

They’re not really a trailing kind of ant, you may actually only see one or two here and there … until you find them working on a dead tree which is where they nest. Damp and decaying is what they like.

This is fine as long as it’s out in the wood pile or at the back of your yard, but when your window sill isn’t sealed well and has gotten wet over time and Carpenter Ants get into it, things change. Quickly. Thousands of ant nesting in your walls is the kind of things nightmares are made of. And with those kinds of numbers they can cause a tremendous amount of damage in a short period of time. Not good.

Another common household ant is the Pavement Ant. You know these guys … you’ve seen their small mounds next to the sidewalks around your house since you were a little kid. You would kick them (c’mon you know you did) and they would come out looking to see what happened. You walked away for 10 minutes and came back and they were gone!

Pavement Ant

They usually live pretty deep in the soil, but when they decide that there’s a food source in your kitchen for them they will make your home their home. They move in and don’t pay rent!

Their colonies are pretty good sized so you can get a few hundred traveling back and forth between your kitchen sink and the patio in the back of the house like crazy. You spray them or give the ant bait that you bought at Home Depot or Lowe’s which works for a few days, but then they’re back … with a vengeance. It’s because you only see a small percentage of the colony and you really didn’t hurt them by killing off a few hundred, there are thousands more that are willing and able to infest your home. If you call us, we’ll get rid of them for you 🙂

Lastly, let’s talk about everyone’s favorite ant, The Odorous House Ant. Aptly named, these ants stink! Like rotten coconuts … pretty nasty really. Some folks refer to them as, well, another word for urine – you know – a p*ss ant. When I was a kid I had friends that would crush them just to smell them. That was not something I was real interested in. But whatever, LOL.

And then you have the second part of their name, the House Ant. Because, you guessed it, we find them in our houses … a lot! And thousands of them because they will nest in the wall voids and take up residence. And these ants also don’t pay rent either for that matter!

Odorous House Ant

They’re mostly dark brown and black and they’re pretty small, top end they go less than an 1/8” so if you see these tiny little boogers in your kitchen that’s probably the Odorous House Ant.

They run in trails, chasing the phermones that the scout left when he found some good vittles. Everyone just kind of falls in line.

They’re not big carb eaters, they like the meats and sweets kind of diet. Keeping stuff picked up and wiped down in the kitchen will certainly go a long way.

If you get them though, they’re kind of a pain to get rid of. They cause us some fits too, so don’t feel bad if you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to get rid of them. It’s mostly because they’re living in your house so there needs to be an eviction, of sorts. We’ll be glad to help you.

The biggest problem with these ants in your home is that they contaminate everything they touch … and they touch a lot! You should probably chunk whatever it is that they get into, just for safety sake.

Well, that’s a wrap on the 3 most common species of ants around, and in, our homes. Good sanitation will always help deter these critters, but sometimes not even that will help. If you find that you just can’t deal with them anymore. We’re here to help.

Just call us at 731-285-4982 or hit us up online at okeena.com

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