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February Pests

Wolf spiders, mice and wasps, oh my!

Tennessee weather in February is unpredictable, to say the least.

When temperatures drop your home seems very appealing to these insect and rodent intruders. Suddenly, you are sharing your home with one, or several, ever-reproducing pests which can be very overwhelming. Noises of scurrying feet and evidence of their presence left behind on your counters are the worst nightmare of many homeowners. Finding evidence of a pest occupation in your home is the only sign you need to know it’s time to call an exterminator.


What Was That Noise?

You just laid down after a long,full day and are just about to drift into a peaceful nights slumber when suddenly you are woken. You lay still in your bed and listen, hoping you are only imaging the noise. Again, your eyes close and you begin to relax, when you hear it, screeeech! Certain this awful noise is not in your imagination, you listen closely and realize the noise you hear is coming from the attic. Sounds like whatever is up there is having a party at your expense!

This is a common occurrence in February. During the cold, winter months pests and insects are very much still around, but lay inactive trying to keep warm and safe. During their inactive time, they are laying eggs, or delivering babies, that will be hatch & be ready to wreak havoc by early spring. The noise you just heard is the first sign of the end of a long hibernation of sorts and the beginning of a pest infestation.


Common Pests of February

The most common pests found in Tennessee during February and early spring will send a chill down your spine. If you notice any evidence of these pests, or hear them scurrying about your home, it is time to look into your options for pest control services, such as Okeena Termite & Pest Control.

Your home is an investment, you protect it from burglary, fire and carry insurance for damages caused by nature. Pest control protection is just as important in maintaining your home’s structural integrity and value.



Mice are able to enter your home through even the smallest of openings, they come in search of warmth and immediately begin establishing residence. Chewing through your home’s wires and insulation, eating leftover crumbs on your kitchen counter and gnawing on stored food or materials is the main priority of the mouse.



The Wolf Spider and Brown Recluse Spider can be found in homes all over Tennessee. Both of these types of spiders have a poisonous bite, but not lethal.  Nonetheless, a bite from either species can be painful and damaging to soft tissues. Spider bites can take months to heal and leave deep scars.



In Tennessee, if you find a wasp infestation it is most likely the red wasp. The red wasps queen is hidden throughout the winter months, preparing to start a new colony in the spring time. The wasps build their nests in areas of protection, this can result in finding your shed, attic or garage infested with a red wasp colony. The wasps are very protective and will protect their queen and nests by stinging, infecting you    with a poisonous venom, causing pain and irritation.



Termites swarm annually when the temperature and precipitation are just right. Termites then flee from their colonies to find a mate and form a new colony. Your home could be the lovebird’s dream house! Termites are hard to uncover, swarms are great indicators of where the nest is located. Late winter and early spring are the prime time for termite swarms to begin. If you do locate a termite colony in your home, do not disturb it! Termites are survivalists and will relocate in a moments notice if a threat is perceived. The termite colony will occupy a new,hidden area of your property immediately. Discovering the colony will be difficult, most won’t be found until property damage occurs.


***If you have a pest issue, contact the pro’s at okeena termite & pest control!!



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