Home Decisions That Are Financially Responsible

Let’s face it. We are certainly in the information age. More information is available today from these amazing things we all have called “smart phones”. And it has made everyone a genius, right?Well, maybe not. But how can… Read More

Sleep tight, don’t let the Bed Bugs …

For millennia humans have battled the notorious blood sucker known as the Bed Bug. Although, there was a lull in Bed Bug activity for quite a few years in America, this nightmare-wreaking, nighttime-crawler is back on the scene,… Read More

This Most Prolific Indoor/Outdoor Pest Will Amaze You! ANTS!

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Give me a kiss, baby!

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What You MUST Know About Spiders In Tennessee

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What House Flies Do When They Rub Their Feet Together

The House Fly, or it’s Latin name Musca domestica, is one of the greatest nuisance pest to grace the face of the earth. But what most people don’t know is just how nasty these “pain in the necks” really are. House Flies are mainly gray in… Read More

You Are What You Breathe

Ways You Can Have A Positive Impact On Your Health The air we breathe, the foods we eat, and the drinks we choose to consume each day make up our health and who we are. So it’s common… Read More

Pain and Danger With Wasps

Wasps and hornets are from the same species and their stings are not only VERY painful, but also dangerous, and even sometimes deadly. All of us just really wished this pest never even existed. Right? But how much… Read More

Termites Swarmers Are Easy To Identify….Let Us Show You

This is the time of the year when Okeena gets many incoming calls about what usually turns out to be Termite Swarmers.  Termite Swarmers are called Alates and generally swarm in Spring and occasionally in Fall. Termite Swarmers… Read More

Wasp Season is Upon Us. Beware!

For those of us in the South, The Red Wasp (Polistes carolina,) is a pest we wished never existed. They have been known to inflict some pretty powerful stings that will send a grown man into a weeping… Read More